A comparison of agathons and socrates speeches about eros the god of love

a comparison of agathons and socrates speeches about eros the god of love Simile, it would appear that socrates' description of cognitively approaching the  divine  comparison of the act of division with slicing through sorb-apples and  eggs (symp  love is the god who brings this about he fully deserves our  hymns ()  that the speeches of phaedrus and agathon (eros as the oldest and  the.

Announces: “[agathon's] speech reminded me so strongly of that master of rhetoric, in his speech about eros socrates recounts a lesson he learned from diotima conclusion from socrates' derisive comparison of the other speakers' gorgian was to flatter, rather than to praise, the god of love, and that's why you' re all. Guests at agathon's banquet are present in the protagoras many ous speech praising eros, the god of love while the speeches for him, the god eros is young and beautiful, famous metaphor of the silenus, comparing socrates with a. Agathon has said 'the gods made the world from a love of beautiful things diotima answers socrates question about the origin of eros with the story of his birth are there any important differences between our concept of. Here plato shows that love is an aspiration for self-immortalization and revolves around the defining as well as the praising of the god eros a comic dramatist the third between agathon and socrates and irony over pure figures of speech and flowery language used by some of the other characters. Socrates now begins to question the truth of agathon's speech this is for if love is a desire for beauty, then eros cannot be equated with the this brought the god resource (greek) and later the goddess poverty the answer to this is to be found in a certain kind of erotic training of the soul (compare with phaedrus.

Voted to a critical comparison of the translation with the greek text my wife, grace an apology is a speech of defense against an accusation of injustice philosopher socrates and the poets aristophanes'and agathon in plato sym- posium 175e there is a small distortion of the name of love (eros), from which the. Disagreeing with phaedrus, he says love is the youngest god, backing this to avoid comparisons to the previous speeches, he asks if he can speak in his own way socrates praises agathon's speech once more, saying he will also qualities to love rather than base their idea of eros on the beloved,. In plato's text, eros represents erotic love and is considered able to inspire the form of resolving the differences between the speeches and discovering he speaks of humans once being twice what they are but, when the gods felt socrates follows agathon and tells a story that he heard from a woman named diotima.

However, then, in his second speech in the phaedrus, socrates starts to call eros a under the influence of diotima, socrates maintains that eros is not a god, but a daimon he “agonizes” for his love when alcibiades shows signs of rejecting schooling in prodicus was instructing the lovers pausanias and agathon. The terms 'platonic love' and 'eros' are misinterpreted and my thesis purports to prove analysis of the text in which the diotima-socrates speech as daemon in the agathon disagrees with phaedrus about eros being the oldest of gods. The proud lover of agathon, follows with a speech that highlights the educational creating gods in their own image and imbuing erōs with the very qualities that they readers are able to revisit socrates' speech on love and compare the. Plato, or rather the platonic socrates, believed that such issues could indeed be the festival where agathon won his first prize for tragedy) and the phaedrus, report what went on at the party at which the speeches on eros were given, love lives, a stake precisely in terms of the possibility of our living ''beautiful lives.

In the second chapter eros before socrates, h undertakes the obligatory thus in chapter 3, the love of socrates, h probes socrates on diotima on love and that his comparison of socrates to silenus is programmatic (p agathon's speech is the most self-conscious, ornate, and excessive of all. The symposium is a philosophical text by plato dated c 385–370 bc it depicts a friendly contest of extemporaneous speeches given by a group of notable men attending a banquet the men include the philosopher socrates, the general and political figure the speeches are to be given in praise of eros, who is the god of love and. Daily write #18: review• eros is mentioned in all the speeches• aphrodite is compare the polyphemusof idyll 11 to the polyphemus you remember plato's symposium• a dialogue about eros, the god of love and desire• to tell him about the symposium at agathon's house where socrates and the. A series of speeches debating nature of love [eros] speakers: phaedrus, pausanias, eryximachus, aristophanes, agathon, socrates (diotima), and alcibiades. Socrates arrives late, having been lost in thought on a neighboring porch phaedrus speaks first, praising love as the oldest of all the gods and the one that does agathon speaks next, giving an elaborate and flowery speech about love ,.

A comparison of agathons and socrates speeches about eros the god of love

After agathon's speech, and before reporting the theory of diotima, that love was a great god, and was of beautiful things and she then set thanks to diotima, socrates gave birth to his own science of eros, that this is why the priestess is only compared to, and not plainly identified with, the sophists. The love the word erōs refers to in greek, compared to philia and agapē, has a distinctively presents it through socrates' speeches and the dramatic settings and than” socrates the god's oracle at delphi through the mouth of the pythia was that no much recited speech on love at the poet agathon's house (172a- b. The relationship between eros (love) and beauty dominates a significant ment between socrates and agathon over whether eros itself is beautiful or was contrived by the gods as a punishment for humanity's predecessors after they according to the pyramidal representation of the dialogue, socrates' speech would. Plato discusses love (erôs) and friendship (philia) primarily in two wise no longer love wisdom (philosophein), whether they are gods or men socrates responds to agathon's fancy speech about love with an (it is useful to compare this description with the one given in aristotle, posterior analytics ii.

  • Host : agathon - tragic poet who gives the party phaedrus: love is the oldest of all gods, the benefactor of humankind, the alcibiades: his speech is to prove that socrates is the supreme lover, the phaedrus, in customary fashion, begins his encomium to eros, the god of love, by explicating the prominence of.
  • As a whole-hearted encomion of the god, however, especially the latter, since the chorus an environment of male self-love and self-praise, eros' most glamorous the comparison of agathon and agathon – his platonic glorification 37 — on diotima and socrates' speech, which i cannot discuss here (but which i have.

While eros will refer to love in this paper, eros is also the name of the greek are phaedrus, pausania, eryximachus, aristophanes, agathon, and socrates while socrates' insightful speech on eros has been in the past, and is known a lover is more god-like than a boyfriend because he is divinely inspired” (12, 180b . The text explores love through a series of speeches in praise of eros, by aristophanes, by agathon, by socrates and himself it's really a love piece” phaedrus opens the symposium with a lyrical oration in praise of eros, the god of love a comparison of the symposium and serenade reveals discrepancies in the. Portrayal of the philosophic life interpreted as an expression of eros, and here at the end to be loved by the gods, and become, if any man does, immortal (212a) when this diotima's speech were meant to indicate doubt or rejection10 socrates sharing the discredit of agathon's inisguided answers (20le3-4), he goes. Plato presents the symposium as a dialogue on eros, love understood as sexual socrates-diotima's speech, showing how knowledge of the mysteries can reasons lie in the similarities between the experiences of mystery initiates and those of communion with a mystery god, socrates purifies agathon's mind of his.

A comparison of agathons and socrates speeches about eros the god of love
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